Monday, February 5, 2018

Pink Panther

I have always loved Spring/Summer season, and I'm always super excited about it, colors, accessories, and more practical choices. However, I have always loved styling winter clothes, Layers and beautiful coats. I have been always struggling to choose the right coat with the right outfit, I never had to face the need of being warm when I style until I moved to UK. Until today, I find it hard, but I'm doing it !! I love when I look back at my pics years ago and see the changes and the progress I make everyday, and I feel proud!! I will never look perfect in my own eyes, and it is something I love it in myself, 100% satisfaction is not always the right goal, the goal is to keep going with satisfaction, keep working until perfect is not enough!! Perfection should not be the ultimate goal either, as in every imperfection lies the perfection. I don't want to call this outfit a perfection nor a satisfaction but it's a one step forward, and always remember!! nothing is out of fashion!! and nothing is perfect in fashion!! 

Coat: TopShop
Heels: TopShop
Trousers: TopShop
Shirt: H&M
Hat: TopShop
Sunglasses: QuayAustralia 
Bag: River Island

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