Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Top 20: Best of Paris Haute Couture Week

This post is a little bit late, but it's fun to pick the best dress I fall for.. The haute couture fashion show was held in Paris for the Fall/ winter collections. The event hosted the best designers to expose their collections. The dresses were out standing, it took me hours to pick the best! Moreover, I believe that a dress where it is revealing and bold, yet you can say only elegant and classy about it, is a success! needs so much creativity and talent to combine it, and that's where you can tell "this designer nailed it!!". Enjoy and I hope you agree and Like!!

1. Ralph and Russo 

This dress was my favorite of all, I can keep staring for ever in this piece of art. For a young new designer this is a hit! 

2. Zuhair Murad

This dress reminds me of all the advertisements of shampoos and perfumes, it makes you wanna fly and feel fresh, living a fairy tale with class and seducing look. 

3. Valentino  

This Cape is marvelous, so chic, classy and Royal. If you ever wear it, surely everyone will bow for your Highness. 

4. Giambattista Valli

Even Though Valli didn't impress me with his collection, this dress was pretty impressive. I don't usually settle for bold, eye catchy haute couture dresses, but this mixed between chic and funky. Simply I love it! Big Up Valli !!

5. Zuhair Murad

Again and Again, Zuhair Murad, I can't get enough from his collection, usually every time I watch runaways, I get bored and ask myself, "who would wear something like that in the street or in a party, seriously?!". When it comes to Zuhair, I would say: "show me more!" .

6. Valentino.

As simple is the color, texture, shape and style of this dress, it was just perfect! very simple and super elegant.

7. Ralph & Russo

The new Brand Designers did it again!! his collection keeps impressing me!! Believe me it was the hardest to pick the best, the whole collection is just splendid! 

8. Zuhair Murad.

How sexy is this dress, usually I believe in Haute couture, the less you show, the better it looks. But I can't help it with this dress and of course my favorite winter color, how can I say no? It has to be one of my best selections.

9.  Ralph and Russo.

How amazing is this piece? I usually stick to dresses. this has to be one of the best, I guess you can tell without explaining.. 

10. Zuhair Murad

This dress is very elegant, and the colors just makes you look like an angel from the sky.

11. Valentino 

And Valentino in another naughty Royal style! very elegant the details are magnificent. Moreover, what else can be more royal than black and gold. 

12. Zuhair Murad

Taylor swift style, this dress can be worn by young teenage girls and by young woman. It's very girly and elegant. 

13. Ralph & Russo

Another dress where it reminds me of perfume advertisements, revealing but still simple and elegant. 

14. Dior.

I expected much more from Christian Dior, this dress was the only one that I liked, descent, classy. I can see it on Princess Kate, or Queen Rania. I just fall for it.

15. Chanel

I knew Karl would save the Best piece to Kendall Jenner! It is super creative and artistic! The hairstyle on Kendall was a hit in All social Media!! 

16. Ralph & Russo

Another Piece where I can imagine it on a Princess or Queen, descent and elegant! beautiful colors yet, it reminds me of north African, ancient Fashion.

17. Elie Saab

Of course he will be in the list! Elie always inspire me, it was also the hardest to pick, had to ask myself what would you buy if you go through this collection! the answer is : I can't decide, I wish I can have it all", still if I ever saw a runaway of Zuhair or Elie I would tell, this is one of them, their touch is very famous and well known, yet I can't differentiate between both, of course, it's the lebanese touch!

18. Elie Saab. 

19. schiaparelli

I don't really know this designer to be honest! but this pink with another fluffy dress mixed with elegancy! Yes please!! love it !

20. Versace

I didn't expect this dress from Versace but you can tell it's there... on the top of the dress, yes it can't be anything else but Versace! Even thoug it's artistic, and I'm not a fan of artistic pieces, I would wear it! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Expo Milano 2015

I was very lucky and blessed to visit the Expo Milan 2015 in May. It was the highlight of my travel to Milan. The concept of an Expo started first in London back in 1851 where it was a big success, since that year it became a tradition to be held every 5 years in different country throughout the world to discuss the relating challenges that mankind faces and present new technology. 

This year in Milan  “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life,” was the theme. Italy decided to host the Expo under this theme, where it is the most characterizing aspects is Food and Nutrition. the covored issues and debates throughout the 6 months of the Expo is  “problems of nutrition and the resources of our planet”. 

By visiting the Expo and checking 53 countries pavilions you will be able to explore traditional cultural values of food as well as the use of new technologies.

The Tree Of Life

The Tree of Life’s roots lie in one of the most fruitful historical periods for Italian art, the Renaissance. In the late 1530s, the Pope commissioned Michelangelo to re-design Piazza del Campidoglio. The artist modified its shape and paved the packed-dirt surface. The pavement itself featured a complex, symbolic pattern in which overlapping lozenges formed a twelve-point star indicating the constellations. 

Marco Balich, a producer of large-scale events who also serves as the artistic director for the Italy Pavilion, drew inspiration from Michelangelo’s work to design the Tree of Life.

In addition to the Renaissance, this grand structure – a monument, sculpture, installation, building, and work of art all at once - also reflects a complex symbology shared by many cultures, so that the Tree of Life becomes an emblem of Primordial Nature, the primeval life force that gave rise to the universe.

The concept is by Marco Balich, while the design is by Marco Balich, jointly with studio Gioforma. 

The Tree of Life is not merely tradition and religious symbolism: it also reaches out to the future, to innovation and technology. From the outset, it was conceived as an interactive icon that would capture the imagination of visitors and link together Expo 2015’s various pavilions. A series of special effects using cutting-edge entertainment technology will help it
come alive. The Tree of Life will be the starting point for all of the Italy Pavilion’s scheduled events.



Qatar Pavilion: 

Of Course, it Was the Top 1 throughout the month of May, Best Pavilion, Best Host, Best Prices, Best food, Best Design and of course it is ranked the First as the most visited Pavilion. Of course what it could be!!

 Proudly and Happily the Qatari Pavilion was the Best in everything... Everything is on Fleek!! I was Honored to be Hosted by the organizers. My Senior project was exposed in the Pavilion since I'm a Human Nutrition Graduate. 

I consider it a blessing where my project was selected to be exposed in a universal Expo this year to address the Theme of the Expo.

 I can say, yes Qatari Pavilion succeeded in addressing the theme in a cultural innovative way using best technologies, along with entertainments and continuous events.

I can keep talking all day long about all the Details of Qatar Pavilion. It's a must See! 

Tunisia Pavilion:  

Even though I was invited to the Expo by the Qatari Pavilion. It is a must to run the my home!! specially that it has been months I didn't visit, it was very relieving and it reduced my home sickness.

I was really proud with the Tunisian Pavilion after all what my country has been through, Terrorist  Attacks and diminished Tourism.

Tunisia Had Succeeded in showing the best of best using very innovative technology to show our best nutritive sources along with all our cultural things, from clothes, dishes to home designs.

 I was lucky that it was the Tunisian Day when I visited, had the chance to attend a very exciting, cheerful dance emerged with the idea of Food and Nutrition where the dancers where acting as farmers and ladies as cookers.

Tunisia!! I'm Proud of you!!!


Best Pavilions Designs: 

I took  picture for the Best Pavilions designs that I really enjoyed seeing. 
Ecuador was my favorite, because of course I love COLORS. The line was huge to enter. However, their, events and show were as interesting as the Pavilion. 
Along with, China, Vietnam, Uruguay and Malaysia. 


More Pictures From the Expo: 


Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Summer is here!! The worst part of Doha is it's summer, it is unbearable during the day. 
Shooting this outfit was definitely hard, couldn't take the right pose as I couldn't stick to more than 5 seconds. Still I will always shoot outdoor, it is the best! 
anyways this area is one of my favorite to shoot this outfit. 

It is very comfy outfit, boyfriend jeans, running shoes. Definitely it would be your 1st pick for a busy day to look fashionable.  

Outfit Details in the bottom of the Post!

Jeans: Pimkie.
Watch: PlayBoy
Necklace: H&M
T-Shirt: Kenzo
Kimono: Zara 
Shoes: Nike.
Sunglasses: Ayam