Monday, March 30, 2015

#Alef20 Jewelery Collection by Desert Mannequin and BilArabi at Per Lei Couture

‪#Alef20 by Desert mannequin( Anum)  and BilArabi (Nadia) was launched at the Per lei Couture Store. It was very Artistic simple gold Jewelery collection where represented (Alef) the first letter in Arabic. It is also the Language of the Quran and was the first Letter as well. the collection is made by fine gold. 
I enjoyed the Event where I got the chance to meet the designer Nadia and mingle with other Fashionistas. 

my outfit is one of my favorites, the easiest to were. 

I wore: 

Givenchy Boots
Forever21 Necklace 
Caldzione leggings
River Island bag

  the cutest Tunisian Amna, Image consultant and fashion stylist.

my besties who showed up to support and join me. love them. Andrea and Joy.

Deep Tunisian conversation with Amna.

with Chiara from Bonjour Chiara 

The Talented Designers Nadine and Anum

my Vanina, always a pleasure to catch up.

Anastassia is one of my favorite Fashionistas in Doha. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Celine Gold Bag Limited Edition for Middle East

The Gold Celine bag was released for winter collection 2015. there is Only 4 pieces of it in the world exclusively in the Middle East. Qatar was one of the country who had the chance to host the bag. the bag is so Elegant, simple, gorgeous!! I was so In Love. Celine always surprise me and make me fall in love more and more with every single Detail. 

my outfit was something I call it sheek chock. 
where I combined 2 style classy elegant, with a sporty vibe. 
my small white bag, was a precious gift from my precious girlfriend all the way from  Turkey. 

I wore: 

Top: Givenchy 

Hat: H&M
Blouse : ZARA  
Skirt: Caldezione 
Boots: ALDO 
Bag : Mango 


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Falling Jasmine: Carolina Herrera First Jewelery Collection.

Carolina Herrera de Baez along with artist and friend Grillo Demo create an extraordinary jewelry collection inspired by what represents for them the symbol of beauty and femininity: the jasmine flower. Falling Jasmine represents the brand’s entry into the world of jewelry, and will be available exclusively at CH Carolina Herrera shops as of 2015.

I had a really interesting conversation with Carolina to tell me the inspiring story of her elegant collection.

Falling Jasmine, is a tribute to Carolina’s mother, Mrs. Herrera. It is the result of a collaboration between the Argentine artist Grillo Demo and Carolina Herrera de Baez who, inspired by the flower that symbolizes femininity, are presenting the first exclusive CH Carolina Herrera jewelry collection.

The union and the raison d’ĂȘtre behind this collaboration is none other than the passion they both feel for jasmine: the painter bases a lot of his work on this flower, while Carolina uses it as an essential ingredient in all the fragrances of the CH universe. This collection is intended to pay homage to jasmine and, in turn, to her mother,

my outfit was all white in white with a sparkle of light brown. the jumpsuit is from ZARA, while the jacket from BERSHKA, High heels and Bag: ALDO. Necklace: FOREVER21.

The Falling Jasmine collection will be available for sale in 2015 in CH Carolina Herrera stores, and represents the entry of CH Carolina Herrera into the exclusive world of jewelry.