Monday, March 30, 2015

#Alef20 Jewelery Collection by Desert Mannequin and BilArabi at Per Lei Couture

‪#Alef20 by Desert mannequin( Anum)  and BilArabi (Nadia) was launched at the Per lei Couture Store. It was very Artistic simple gold Jewelery collection where represented (Alef) the first letter in Arabic. It is also the Language of the Quran and was the first Letter as well. the collection is made by fine gold. 
I enjoyed the Event where I got the chance to meet the designer Nadia and mingle with other Fashionistas. 

my outfit is one of my favorites, the easiest to were. 

I wore: 

Givenchy Boots
Forever21 Necklace 
Caldzione leggings
River Island bag

  the cutest Tunisian Amna, Image consultant and fashion stylist.

my besties who showed up to support and join me. love them. Andrea and Joy.

Deep Tunisian conversation with Amna.

with Chiara from Bonjour Chiara 

The Talented Designers Nadine and Anum

my Vanina, always a pleasure to catch up.

Anastassia is one of my favorite Fashionistas in Doha. 

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