Monday, December 30, 2013

Miami spirit

i adore this pants, they are really comfy and very cold, you can wear it with a lot of colors and a lot of styles, the color rhymes with colors of summer where i picked a spot with a lot of trees and green backgrounds.
hope you enjoy it :D 

pants: New Yorkers
Heels: spring
Bag: Moa
top: Zara

Friday, December 27, 2013

windy day :D

 This day was really windy, and i had a really important meeting, so i chose to wore something suits a business meeting in a stylish funky way, to look elegant and stylish. i adore those pants i picked them in a sale, where i really enjoyed combining a loot of styles with, such a comfy pants :D

i wore: 
jacket: ZARA
bag: Chanel
heels: Next
Accessories: Ayam and accessories
Top: H&M
pants: River Island

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


"River Island" is my favorite Shop so far. it is really the best spot for any girl/boy seeking for special unique trendy fashionable outfits. i got a dress that i really love it. and wore it in one of the Gala dinners I've been attending, i got another pair of it to reward my followers who were really supportive since i started blogging. to win this competition, u have to follow some simple rules: my fb page (here)
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Dress: River Island
Heels: spring
clutch: Moa

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blue ice

finally started to become a bit chilly in doha so finally m posting autumn/winter look, i adore the givenchy boots, where kim kardashian wore before with awesome outfits 
enjoy the look.

jacket: Zara
shirt: H&m
skirt: Bershka
accessories: Hermes& H&M