Friday, December 13, 2013

classy is not a style, ITS AN ATTITUDE ;)

Finally, it's been weeks and i feel so weird that i wasn't blogging i had a sad tragedy of my grandmother death, i had to greive for the past few weeks, nd now i really feel fresh blogging AGAIN,
well i've been invited to a private fashion show of Carolina Herrera latest collection, and i picked for you guys the best dresses that i fall in love with. i wore this dress cuz i found it the classiest and the sexiest. and red as my favorite autumn/winter color.
hope you guys love it :D

dress: River Islan
bag: Riva
Heels: Bershka


  1. looooove this dress!
    looking FABB!

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss Tima, Allah yir7ama o yij3al mathwaha el janne ya rab
    But you came back && you're looking even prettier than before <3 Masha2allah :) God bless you

    1. yeslamo t3ish w tra7am, followers like who makes me strong and full of hope, thank you for that ♥♥

    2. Walaw :) You're most welcome! Allah yi7miki ♥

  3. i'm sorry for your grandmother :( may she rest in peace rabbi yar7amha w ina3amha :)
    loved the dress btw so glam , i'm sure you stole the show with you gorgeous look tima <3 <3 amazing <3 keep it up <3

    1. merci jiji c tre gentil t3ish w tra7am, and yeah ppl was impresses ns m happy :D

      thanks for ur support 3zizty tre tre gentille