Monday, December 30, 2013

Miami spirit

i adore this pants, they are really comfy and very cold, you can wear it with a lot of colors and a lot of styles, the color rhymes with colors of summer where i picked a spot with a lot of trees and green backgrounds.
hope you enjoy it :D 

pants: New Yorkers
Heels: spring
Bag: Moa
top: Zara


  1. breath- taking <3 <3 <3 those pants are so funky style , you brought the 70's back giiiiirl haha !! i just love it <3 random question : is it a still hot there ?? 5ater houni it's freezing brrr !!


    1. it is always hot in the morning, but it drops to 10degrees whr u have to wear a coa!

      merci ma chere treee gentille mwah mwah <3

  2. I didn't find anything better to say more than "Allah yi7miki" <3 straight from the heart Dear Tima :)

  3. ma7leek <3 j'ai adoré le outfit , tout te va à merveille et j'aime beaucoup tes cheveux <3 un article hair routine peut être ? :D
    Happy new year <3
    Bisous :*

    1. merciiiiiiiiiiii 3aziztyyyyyy, oui s ki est sure bish na3mel article mai pas mnt ;) c tre gentille de t part ♥♥♥♥ mwaah j tembrasse tre fort :* et happy new year for u as well :* ♥