Tuesday, December 17, 2013

le petit chaperon rouge

so this skirt is a very amazing one that i really love to wear, its comfy, and so attractive, plus i really love combining it with a lot of colors and styles. since it's always hot in qatar i really loved to remind my viewers of summer and the beauty of warmth and sun, enjoy it :D

top: Pull&Bear
skirt: Mango
heels: Spring
bag: Moa


  1. machallah machallah .. 5 w 5miss .. i'm really running out of things to say haha !! Just amazing <3

    XO www.thebeautybuzzer.com

  2. nd m really speechless and i dont know how i shld reply to all this amazing words, i just love ur spirit and actually loving you <3

    thankyou <3

  3. bitjannini Tima :D