Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Wonder Woman

Hello Hello Lovies, I hope you all enjoying your weekend, I'm spending my weekend in the library and some quality time with my brother, I have noticed that flowers started to pop up in the streets and I can't be more excited than welcoming Spring!!! Oh, I can't wait for amazing Easter, Bank Holiday and tons of chocolate and colors!! I have shot this Look  while changing my outfit in Starbucks toilet as it was so cold, I had to order coffee in order to use the bathroom! HAHAHA ( Usually I do not drink Starbucks!! ), I'm a big big fan of beige, I do not wear it that much as I always want to include colors as much as I can in my outfit ( and I feel shades of brown is oldies ) I feel like I will have plenty of time to wear beige as much as I want), it is very mature and elegant color, and I'm faaar away from being mature in my style. Maturity for me defines the idea of sticking to your comfort zone more and more and getting attached to it, there were I will feel Okay I'm old now hahahaha. By the way when I say old it means really old in ur mind!! I've seen woman who hit their 80s but still die their hair pink and wear green and purple coats!! I just adore it and respect it!! Age is a number you need to take care of your mind and keep it young as much as u can to enjoy it properly, well of course this is when I'm talking about life enjoyment not in terms of career or long term relationship. :P 

Coat: Top Shop 
Heels : Top Shop 
Shirt: Topshop 
Jeans: River Island
Bag: Top Shop 
Sunglasses: Quay Australia

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