Friday, February 23, 2018

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week was a blast, Getting the right outfit was very hard. I have always seen people who are obsessed with shopping going to the mall everyday. Even though I'm a fashion blogger, still I hate shopping and spend the day in fitting rooms. Oh!! Fitting rooms, I hate them so much, I never go into one unless it's a gown dress. So, my way of shopping is go into the store, see the display and I can tell with my eyes if it will fit me or no, take what I need and leave, Massive shopping for me it's one or twice a year ( it does not work that way all the time though). and I hate Sales, I always feel that they do discounts on the worst collection, so I never bother to be in the crowd of people fighting on a stupid t-shirt. Anyways!! This outfit was just in front of me in River Island as soon as I entered the shop and I was like that's it!! this is one, I took it and left!! when I wore it the next day I was like "Perfect". My First show was for Isabell Kristensen her collection was marvelous, this outfit was perfect because it can be for such an elegant fashion show of Gown dresses, and fashionable for London Fashion Week street style. 

Photographer: Martyna Martyn 

Vest, Shorts & Bag: River Island
Top & Boots: ZARA
Sunglasses: H&M 
Hat: Primark

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