Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My Top 13 Workout Routine!

Happy Sports Day Everyone!!

Exercising is vital for mental and physical health. It's a long term commitment that teach you how to sustain a lifestyle, time management, crossing your mind limitations, and increase your fitness level. including one hour work out in your daily life is sometimes hard to maintain, however, it helps organizing your day, and motivate you to complete your daily tasks. I was never a gym freak person, I love being active and I enjoy doing outdoor activities and try different type of fun sports. Yet, when I moved to UK, I signed up at Pure Gym and hired my favorite personal trainer Ross Forde, (Since I'm studying Sport and exercise nutrition, it is a shame to be called a sport dietitian while I do not work out myself, Right??!!!).  I struggled at the beginning since it was my first "gym experience". My fitness level was very low, my body and muscles were very weak. Now, It has been more than a year, and I'm proud of the results and goals that I'm achieving. I feel, lighter, stronger, easier to move around, and the most important that my mind is trained to endure everything and believe that everything is possible and impossible is nothing ( As Beckham says). Sooooo, I decided to write this post about few important work outs and tips that you can do anywhere. 

A big shout out to my ultimate support and guidance Ross Forde, he has been my personal trainer for over a year now, and I could not do this without him, I learned enormous valuable information and the correct pose for each workout position. he has been a friend and a mentor. if you want to know more about the best workout and lifestyle to adopt visit his website HERE.
 you can also find a video of most of this workout on Ross's Youtube channel HERE. 
and on Facebook HERE. 

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1. Bear crawls: This exercise is what I usually start my work out, it is form of ZUU type which is a refere to "animal training",  I used to be horrible first months with bear crawls, it was my nightmare, whenever Ross goes " 3 sets of bear crawl " I mentally freeze and think about how much I will suffer, it took me 4 months to master this and do it as easy as opening a can of Pepsi!! Bear crawls are very beneficial for mobility, strength and core stability. It is quiet similar to planks in terms of increasing endurance and targueting muscles but since you are moving all your body, it target more muscles, Like the shoulders, chest, glutes and legs.

reps and sets: 30 seconds crawl back and forth, 3 sets. 

2. Frog Squat: is another type of Zuu Workout. where it a combination of cardio and strength training great way to start your workout. I love frog squats it mainly focus on hip and knee mobility for joint health.  
It is one of the exercise that I still feel the pain and the struggle through it, but I'm getting better everyday!! 

Reps and Sets: 10 -15 frog squat, 3 sets.

3. Planks:  Plank is my favorite exercise ever, Since I had a post- Scoliosis surgery, exercise that focus on my abdominal are very limited, Planks is one of the safest and most applied exercise that target the abdominal. Plank is a core conditioning exercise where holding the position takes strength and endurance in your abs, back and core. 

Reps and sets: 1 minute hold, 3 sets.

4. Side Angle PARIVRTTA PARSVAKONASANA: (Yoga pose):  Also called low lunge, it's one of the poses that I practice at the beginning of my work out session, releasing the tension from the previous work out, it is a great exercise to stretch the hamstring and  release tension from your hips. it also train your mind to balance and works on spinal mobility. 

Reps and Sets: 5 each leg x2 , 2 sets

5.  Agility ladder training: this kind of training is used enormously by football players, where it is meant to improve agility and ability to make a change in movements faster. Sprinting, jumps, and kicks become faster and stronger through this training. However, the reasons why it is used in ordinary workout that is meant to tone your body and have a higher fitness level, this exercise meant to boost cardio and and improve heart health and blood circulation. It is important to consider heart, and lungs health when you workout, after all your ultimate goal is not only to have great body but also to live longer and be healthier. it is a great exercise to loose weight, get stronger, release stress, and have a better sleep.  The Ladder can be purchased online or in sports store with convenient price that vary between $10 - $20.

Reps and Sets:  back and forth on the ladder, 2 Sets.

this is another type of agility ladder training where you move fast side to side ( from left to right, moving towards the end of the ladder. 

Reps and Sets: back and forth on the ladder, 2 sets.

6. Banded face pull: Now this exercise is very important, girls specifically tend to focus on increasing the glutes and flatten the belly more than any other part of the body. However, who ever is joining a gym or starting work outs, they think it is all about lifting weight. lifting weight most of your workout session is no ideal, you need to make sure you do not get injuries, increase stability, strength and balance through small muscles and areas, like the shoulder and scapular stability for this specific exercise, professional weight lifters tend to do this exercise as a warm up before lifting, where it will make your shoulder more stable, and stronger to be able to bear the weight from lifting. 

Reps and Sets: 10 pulls, 3 Sets.

7. resisted rotation: this exercise is similar to banded face pull, as it work on the shoulder strength, it is essential for tennis players where they your their arms and shoulder the most to use the racket and have quick bursts. it also help stabilize the back and strengthen muscles around it. when you do sets of this exercise you will have to feel it in your external abdominal oblique from both sides, as it works on the strength and shaping that specific muscle. 

Reps and Sets: 10 pulls, 3 Sets.

8. Boxing: well everyone is familiar with this type of workouts, I love doing some boxing punches, it is a great cardio with quick bursts of punches, it works on your mobility, stability, and stronger shoulder, I usually do this workout when I need to release stress, having a bad day or having to deal with someone annoying through your day. trust me this is the best ever to have a great night sleep.  

This workout can be stretched from 15 to 30 minutes. 
10 minutes for beginners. 

9. Prone plank Row: this exercise is one of my favorite, It's an exercise where it develops the strength and growth of your abs, obliques shoulders, mid and upper back. great workout to increase stability and balance too. 

Reps and Sets: 10 reps, 3 Sets.

 10. Bicep curls: This is a very simple exercise that work on the strength and endurance of your bicep muscles. it is very important to keep your knees soft so when you lift. it works on eccentric and concentric basis, where you lift in 2 seconds, hold than 4 seconds down slower than lifting. The weight is adjusted according to your level. should not feel easy, but should not be super hard. you should feel your muscles working. 

Reps and Sets: 10 Reps, 3 sets.

11. walking lunges: Here we are!!!! The ultimate basic workout for glutes !! walking lunges are essentials!! if you are a beginner walking lunges will be a bit hard on the second and third set, once it gets easier start using weights while you walk lunge.   

Reps and Sets: walking 50 m, back and forth, 3 sets.

12. Regular Squats: who does not know the squats, after the Kardashians revealing their secret to maintain a great shape of the bum which was "squats" every girl I know has tried it or is doing it. it is the easiest and the most effective, straight to the glutes, of course for more advanced level you start using weight.  

Reps and Sets: Squats can go up to 100 per rep, so push your limits and do as much as you can with 30 seconds break between 3 sets. 

13. Iso- Lateral (back): I'm not a fan of machines, I do not use alot, a I love the practical exercise that easy to do anywhere ( even though, I only workout at the gym...for the moment... hopefully :P ) 
Nevertheless, I wanted to mention this machine as it's one of my favorite. I use this machine when I run out of ideas or areas to work it out, usually it is my last set. I just love it very safe and I can feel the strength of my arms and shoulders. 

Reps and Sets: 10 reps, 3 sets.