Saturday, November 18, 2017


Hello everyone!!! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. This will be my last fall look I promise. Now floral dresses are not my type either, but I dared myself to wear it since I have seen them in almost every store. This forced me to realize that it is trendy and I had to do something about it! I mean clearly there is a reason behind them popping up consistently in front of me right? It's a sign isn't it?! :P 
So at first, it seemed old fashioned and dull, I mean it reminded me of my grandma :P but then after trying it out, I felt the season, the innocence and most of all i felt happy! I know i talk a lot about the weather and seasons, but come on do you blame me? I mean fashion is all about seasons and weather is what you base your style on! you don't want to look crazy wearing winter clothes in summer right? honestly I would, sometimes. 

Dress: ZARA
Coat: MANGO 
Boot: River Island
Sunglasses: H&M 
Necklace: Primark.

Photographer: Matt McCormick 

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