Friday, September 5, 2014

Golf hammamet


 Tunisia, My hometown... I'm in love with every small detail in my country, just the weather; the wind makes me shine and alive. Every time I try to spend a month at least and I never have enough. I leave home with tears wishing will be back next year,  in this post had a family Brunch in Hammamet golf. Hammamet is where I live there; it is such a fantastic touristic breathtaking area where I encourage people to visit and spend vacation there. This dress I bought it last 2 minutes in Barcelona where I didn't even look at the size. Almost missed my flight back to Tunisia just to pay for this dress. It is worthy to post about it. I just love how live is the dress, 

I wore: 

Sunglasses: Asos
Dress: Zara
Sandals: Zara
Ring: Yves Saint Laurent
Watch: Ferrari. 


  1. Really great!! Vibrant and cheerful and fits with the whole late-summer theme! But why did you go with black sandals instead of choosing another color or going with heels?!

    1. thank you it really means a lot xx
      to answer your question, first, I was in a golf club, I hate heels in sports chic areas, second, I really don't wear heels in summer at all, I'm always outdoor walking a lot, I go more on boho style than being classy, it is like m free like a bird.
      why black, I found the sandals are edgy as the dress, and it is honestly out of my comfort zone, (the style i mean) and I wanted to highlight the black because the dress has the basic as white, and it matches everything :D