Saturday, September 13, 2014

Barcelona day 1

Barcelona was a breath taking city, I fell in love with it when I first arrived and all what you here was "Ola" with smiling faces. my outfit was exactly fit to have a nice day discovering the city and eating traditional tapas. I just love it .. 

Details of the outfit are Below 

My siblings trying to take advantage of me posing 

with Colon and my Siblings :D

Cycling around the city with siblings :D love the garbage behind us haha..

my beloved sister and photographer ...

 Jumpsuit: Forever21
Necklace: Forever21
Shoes: Riva
Sunglasses: RayBan


  1. Loved !! And I need an advise:
    I have a jumpsuit similar to it but I'm trying to give it the nighttime cocktail after party look , what should I wear it with, do I keep it as it is, jacket no jacket HELP ME!!

    1. thank you sweetie, I really appriciate, sorry for late response.
      however, I would say keep it as it is, you wont feel comfy with a jacket in a party. add some classy jewelery with mini higheels, some long earings and dont forget the arm candy ( put a lot of bracelet) you will look fabulous I'm sure :D

  2. Also I love ur blog
    It's like ur clothes say who u truly are just by the little things u put to ur outfit and ur really open minded to new ideas and I truly admire ur work!! U should get paid for that :D

    1. thank you sweetie it means a lot, Bunch of love <3