Monday, September 22, 2014

Barcelona day 2

I hope you will enjoy my pictures. you will read a small description below some pictures about the areas I visited. I was totally in love with how welcoming are the people and how amazing is the atmosphere in Barcelona 

Familia sagrada is a really famous cathedral in Barcelona where it is very famous by it's strange fascinating Architecture and glass designs.

The famous Dragon where it is the staple of Barcelona's tradition and history.  picture where taken at ark Guel where it has a very interesting architecture as well where it was Gaudi's establishment. It a must visit park where you will enjoy the multi colored mosaic.  

La Rmbla street is where I spent most of my time and it is where i stayed during my visit to Barcelona. It is one of my favorite streets in the world where it is full of joy, traffic, happy faces and very welcoming spirits.

even though I'm a madridista, visiting Camp Nou is a must :D  

Necklace: Forever21
Top: Forever21
Short: Forever21
Sunglasses: Asos
Bag: Urban SHop in Bali

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