Sunday, October 22, 2017

Amsterdam In White

Amsterdam was a Blast!! It is not only about Marijuana, Heineken and prostitution. Amsterdam is much more than what is well known of. 
Museums!! I have never been to a city who has more museums than Amsterdam, it is all about art, culture, history and entertainment. 
People!! people in Amsterdam are amazing!! friendly , you will never be alone if you are travelling Solo.
Streets and shops!! the city is all about cycling and scooters. It's so friendly, green and small, you will never need a car or cab in Amsterdam, it's crowded 24/7, shops are unique and it is all about Nutella and chocolate, (Apparently is the most successful business is sweets shop for high people :P ). 
 Amsterdam is amazing and it's a must visit!! 

Knitwear: ZARA
Skirt: ZARA
Sunglasses: Quay Australia 
Stockings: H&M
Boots: River Island

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  1. Wow!All of your pictures are so good, i love them.Without any doubt,a visit is a must to Amsterdam. I have always wanted to go there!