Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer Classy Vibe

I'm Back!!! Every vacation, I leave with a will of posting outfits and keep you guys updated. But I always Fail... My vacation is my escape from the real world where I care but nothing but having fun- when I say nothing I also mean I don't care about my hair, outfit, make up..etc...- So I decided to actually never have the will of blogging nor working when I'm on vacation. It actually feels better when I talk about the vacation when I'm back, It brings me great memories and keep it alive. 

so this outfit was one of my favorite last summer and again this summer!! I just love it, I feel super hot when I walk around people. 

I Wore: 

Shorts: Forever21
Bag: Riva
Heels: Bershka
WAtch: Emporio Armani
Sunglasses: Vintage shop in Barcelona
Necklace: Forever21


  1. Tima, loving this summer, easy breezy - and always chic! - ensemble. ♥

    1. Bianca btw i miss you so and thank you soo much for ur sweet words :*