Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Giant Ricky Bag Tour of Ralph Lauren.

Well, The Giant Ricky Bag is in Doha ladies! The occasion would  announced the arrival of the Ralph Lauren Giant Soft Ricky Bag which is currently on Tour in the GCC , It was originally created by Leather Artisans in New York and took one month to finish! how amazing is that! 

I didn't have the time nor the chance to change my outfit from the last event (riva on my last post) where the 2 events where consecutive. but i was lucky cuz the Ricky bag was orange which it totally suits my outfit. it was a full amazing day for me :D 

I wore everything from RIVA.
Accessory: Forever 21
Bag: the Ricky soft bag from Ralph Lauren. 
Heels: Bershka.


  1. Really love this outfit , you look gorgeous btw .
    Loads of kisses Tima (k)