Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sport Chic

Hey Guys!! I'm Super excited to be LIVE AGAIN! It's been a while since last time I had a shooting. I have passed with a lot of personal commitments, a lot of work for university and I was trying to pull everything together and cope with my new lifestyle. I learned a lot from my experience and focusing on myself, when of the major things I learned was "life goes on, and it is never ever too late". Anyways, Winter is never over in Leeds, so we are still wearing coats, scarfs, wool, and beanies. It is very hard to be stylish on daily basis, running from bus to bus, walking for hours. This is really one of the easiest style for every day and I really love it, it is very comfortable, easy to wear. 

Beanie & Scarf: H&M 
Coat: TopShop
Leggings: Primark.
Sweater: Primark.
Bag: Primark
Shoes: Adidas Pure Boost   

Photographer : Matt Mccormick


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