Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cuple Event

 Cuple Event was one of the most Successful and interesting event I have attended so far. We had really Good experience and i had the chance to meet a lot of local Bloggers that Al Mana Fashion Group planned to meet us all together and work together. I was lucky to meet a lot of people in Fashion Field and people who are really passionate and talented in Fashion and styling, I had the chance to meet Teresa who is one of the Designers of Cuple, she flew all the way from Barcelona to tell us the story of Cuple, which made it more interesting to all the stuff they had. all bags and shoes are made with real leather and hand made, the styles vary from sporty, to chic and elegant. I totally fell in love with the brand. I had the chance to meet an image consultant, stylist and the founder of famous company called Glam Your Image, she was the most cheering and sweet person i ever met.  was fascinated with her styling tips.I picked some springish colors for the event, to welcome the spring and bring life to people who sees me. i love those colors where it give hope, energy and makes me smile. hope you loved my outfit and don't forget to  like my picture on AL Mana Fashion Group facebook page in the link below :https://www.facebook.com/manafashiongroup/photos/a.411552182323106.1073741843.124534271024900/411552225656435/?type=1&theater

With the Founder of Glam Your Image 

The Blogger of Nomad Style 

The fashion designer of Cuple Teresa 

 the Blogger Bonjourchiara

my lovely who surprised  me by a visit Kholoud 

my lovely angel who surprised me as well and came to support me Mayar

my First and Biggest Supporter since i started Blogging and my Photographer in the Events , my best friend Fashionista Nourhen Sonya

selfieee :D 

my lovely nourhen

an inspiring gorgeous lady of Vaninita

me chatting all the time, i never stop!! 

the Flawless from her session of styling tips with her models

my lovely friend who came for modeling in the even Ashleigh

all the Bloggers with the Brand manager Elsa, she is been such a supporter and nice person to work with, 

don't mind my scar, it was caused by a monkey during my vacation :P 

i Wore everything from Cuple Boutique.

Further Information about the store: 
contact : CUPLE, Landmark Mall 44885582

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