Wednesday, November 6, 2013

comme down ;)

I chose this outfit, cuz it has a lot of meanings behind it, too much quotes, too much shout outs. everybody have haters, sometimes you dont even hate them, and I always believe success is the reason why you always have somebody judge you, comment, and whisper you success while their broadcast your failure. you have to watch your steps, swim when they wanna see you drawn, smile when they wanna see you frown, and stand up when they wanna see down. keep your lovers, closer, and make it worth their attention ;) hope you like the outfit.

hat: urban shop japan (shibuya)
leggings: Zara
top: H&M
under the top: bershka
shoes: air Force, Nike from Japan
accessories: H&M , 4ever21
sunglasses: kerin rose sunglasses
lipstick: tom ford