Saturday, October 5, 2013

You gonna hear me ROAR!!!

You gonna hear me ROAR!!

 okay i exaggerated wearing red but i feel that it's the color of this season, October is full of Red, i wore the same shoes, bag and Ribbon from the last time, just to make wider choices of the styles that u can wore it with them, i adooore the red how it revive the dark colors and the tiger top is sooo fashionable this season where u can find dozens of different styles with tiger prints on it. hope you like it :D

top:  forever21
skirt: river island
shoes: H&M
bag: POLO
Ribbon: urban shop 


  1. Congrats Tima for starting a blog!

    Keep the posts coming xox

    Hamza Rustom

    1. thank you Hamza, so sweet and gentle from you, thank you again. xoxox

    2. First of all welcome to this world :D :D second, i loooooove the outfit , i have the same shoes and i've never thought of wearingt them with a maxi skirt ... great combination .. i'm admiring your sense of style .. really good i love you blog <3
      Keep up the good work and i can't wait to see more of your posts :D good luck Tima :)


    3. oh Hejer!! u really made my day! your way of encouraging is a great motivation, ill do my best to make u always happy with my posts! thank you so much and keep it up with ur work, i love all your make up style, classy, modern, and simple kepp it up and wish you the best <3